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Art Gallery

“To paint is to love again.”

-Henry Miller

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Family, and new acquaintances,

My interest in the creative arts began at my mother’s side as she drew, painted, sculpted, designed clothing, and made dolls and collages – often out of found materials. I have continued to learn, create, and experiment with art throughout my life, although my focus and interests have evolved and transitioned over the years. In my thirties, I wrote and performed music with my Martin guitar. Ten years later I was drawn to study mime with Samuel Avital and performed as a clown. By fifty my camera steered me to the Santa Monica College photography program, and I spent weekends in my bathroom dark room. Gestalt therapy theory and Arnold Beisser inspired my films in my sixties. I am so grateful to Julio Panisello (Barcelona/LA), Pat Hobaugh (Atlanta), and Natalia Spirale (Buenos Aires/Mallorca) all of whom supported my study of painting. Now in my 80s, this gallery of paintings is the culmination of all my studies and practice.

Sparked by environment and circumstance, I have developed a new passion: helping raise money for Ukrainian therapists, themselves refugees, who are helping families and children with PTSD and other mental health issues arising from the invasion of their country and their need to settle in Poland. 

Through December 2023, I am offering these paintings for sale donating half of the purchase price to the foundation supporting Ukrainian therapists. For purchase, please send an image of the painting to me with your address and phone number (in English) to Liv@LivEstrup.com.

Prices for acrylic on paper or butcher paper and watercolors on paper

  • Add width + height (ex 10 + 12 = 22)
  • Under 32 inches – $100 or 100 €
  • 32 inches – 50 inches – $200 or 200 €
  • Over 50 inches – $300 or 300 €
  • Prices for oils on canvas, rice paper or vellum $200 – $500 (or euros)
    All Oil on rice paper $300.00 (or euros) (images of children will be used in an upcoming book)
    Prices do not include postage.

Economies can be very different depending where you are living in the world. If you see a work in the gallery that speaks to you, please contact me with an offer.








Thank you for visiting my gallery and for your contributions to the Ukraine people.  To donate directly, see the information below.

Sending love and prayers for peace, Liv

We would like to invite you to join us in an important initiative.  Long time GATLA (Gestalt Associates Training Los Angeles) Summer Residential faculty member Anna Tanalska Duleba from Warsaw, Poland, is working with the eFkropka Foundation to recruit Ukrainian refugee therapists in Poland to treat other Ukrainian refugees who have sought refuge in Poland. There is no fee for participants to receive the therapy. This initiative is to help Ukrainian refugee therapists receive payments so that other Ukrainian refugees can receive therapy at no charge.

We have created a crowd funding program with a Polish crowd funder Pomagam. Please consider donating money to this cause and help us to reach our goal. 

CLICK HERE to donate today